16 juin 2010

Exposition Galerie Nucleus/Los Angeles.

J'ai le plaisir de figurer parmi les artistes de l'exposition "Enchanté" à l'invitation de la Galerie Nucleus basée à Los Angeles.
J'y partage l'espace avec les talentueux :
Adolie Day , Alexandre Day, Benjamine Lacombe, Emmanuelle Pioli, Eric Gosselet , Lilidoll , Marguerite Sauvage, McBess, Véronique Joffre, Véronique Meignaud, Sebastien Mesnard, Stephane Tartelin et Rebecca Dautremer.
Eric Gosselet, Véronique Joffre et Rébecca Dautremer font également partis du collectif Sketchtravel.
L'image ci-contre fait partie de la série qui y seront visibles.

Time and time again, Gallery Nucleus has had the pleasure of bringing attention to Adolie Day, Marguerite Sauvage, Véronique Meignaude, and many others who have one factor in common: these talents hail from France.

We felt an exhibit dedicated to the extraordinary diversity and creativity of their country seemed appropriate and overdue. On June 19th, get acquainted again with works by them and be 'pleased to meet' artists such as Benjamin Lacombe, Rebecca Dautremer, Gerald Guerlais, Alexandre Day, and more, who will be exhibiting with us for the first time.
'Enchanté' is a common French greeting that also expresses delight and charm, and the works by these Illustrators, Designers, and Fine Artists, will surely invoke these same sentiments.